Author: Cindy Kibbe

Q&A with N.H. Public Radio President Betsy Gardella

‘I would say that we really make the most of the fact that we are a small-market station,’ said Betsy Gardella, president and CEO of NHPR. ‘We think of ourselves as an innovation hub for public media.’

QA with 'Life planner' Robin Young

When Windham financial professional Robin Young mentions terms like “visioning,” “passage” and “holistic,” you know that this is a very different kind of financial planner. Young, owner and president of Windham-based Northstar Financial Planning, practices life planning, a method of…

Beware the departing employee

Over the past three months, the sales manager has been absent more than usual. He generated 30 percent fewer sales in the quarter. He has been unresponsive to his fellow employees for several weeks, and he has not returned calls…