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Down to Business is a weekly NH Business Review podcast, which started in February 2020. Each Wednesday, Editor Jeff Feingold sits down with Associate Editor Liisa Rajala and Reporter Bob Sanders to talk about the latest business headlines and the news readers need to know about.

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New NESN Show Highlights New Hampshire Life

Inside this episode: This week, NH Business Review Editor Jeff Feingold talks with Kate Sullivan, producer and host of the new show New Hampshire Life and communications director at White Birch Communications. They talk about the show, its production. This…

The Synergy Between Art and Business in Manchester

Elizabeth Hitchcock, co-owner of The Factory, The Bookery and Orbit Group, joins NH Business Review editor Jeff Feingold and publisher Ernesto Burden to talk about the intersection between art and business.

Should NH Tax PPP Loans?

Talking through the complexities of the impact taxing PPP loans would have on various businesses, the total amount it could mean for the state in revenue, and the debate over what to do next.

Why businesses might like the NH House budget

Bob and Jeff discuss the sausage making the House of Representatives undertook in crafting their state budget proposal, which they passed yesterday. The upshot? Business should be happy with the outcome. Bob breaks down why.

Stimulus relief for new businesses

Bob Sanders briefs listeners about a development that’s occurred in the latest round of stimulus - assistance for newer businesses

OSHA's Meager Covid Response in NH

Reporter Bob Sanders talks about his investigation into OSHA's track record during the pandemic, during which complaints rose by 15 percent while inspections declined by 50 percent

Why Is J.P. Morgan Feeling Optimistic About 2021?

Jeff talks with Jim Glassman and Tom Cunningham from J.P. Morgan about the company's 2021 Business Leaders Outlook survey. Based on the survey, and on what Tom is seeing first hand with clients in New Hampshire, the pair is optimistic about the economy, and opportunity for a return to modest growth, in 2021.

The Cure (the team from DHMC's new Covid-19 podcast)

This week, we're joined by the team of Dartmouth-Hitchcock's new COVID-19 podcast, The Cure. The team discusses how the podcast aims to combat misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccine, they break down the logistics of vaccine distribution in New Hampshire, and talk about the long term.

Liz Gray and the NH SBDC

Liz Gray of the NH Small Business Development Center provides a look into what kinds of challenges the SBDC was able to help small businesses meet during the past year, and her outlook for the business now and as the year unfolds.

Post Election Roundup

Editor Jeff Feingold and award-winning reporter Bob Sanders talk election results

Kyle York, CEO of York IE

Kyle talks about where they're focusing investment efforts right now, and about creating community among New Hampshire's tech talent.

Forcivity CEO and founder Steve Baines

Steve Baines talks about his business being named the 157th fastest growing company in the Inc. 5000, as well as leadership lessons from navigating the pandemic, leading a remote team and more.

Is It Too Early For In-Person Business Events?

This week, our publisher attended the New Hampshire Business and Industry Association Economic Summit and talked to BIA President Jim Roche afterward on his takeaways from hosting the event.

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