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Down to Business is a weekly NH Business Review podcast, which started in February 2020. Each week, Editor Jeff Feingold sits down with Associate Editor Amanda Andrews, Reporter Bob Sanders and local business professionals to talk about the latest business headlines and the news readers need to know about.

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Homebuyer Insights

Bank of America's Genie Smith shares advice for first-time homebuyers looking to enter the housing market.

Inflation Nation

Brian Gottlob speaks on inflation's impact on New Hampshire's economy and how consumers are being affected

NH Business Ties to Russia & Ukraine

Reporter Bob Sanders talks which businesses import and export to Russia or Ukraine and what that means for NH's economy, plus resilient business leaders in NH.

Helping Businesses Thrive with Donna Morris

Amanda Andrews, NHBR's associate editor, sits down with Donna Morris, president of the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce, to discuss some of the workforce initiatives the chamber has created in Salem to bridge the skill gaps in various industries. From…

Renewable Natural Gas Opportunities

Reporter Bob Sanders speaks on the newest opportunities available that may help initiate production for renewable natural gases in New Hampshire, thanks to measures like Senate Bill 424.

The Other Housing Crisis

NH Business Review editors Jeff Feingold and Amanda Andrews discuss Amanda's new story on the state's other housing crisis: a shortage of housing for people with disabilities.

Pre-Holiday Travel Roundup

Jeff and Ernesto talk holiday pandemic travel, COVID numbers, labor shortages, supply chain issues and more in this pre-holiday episode.

Employees Finding ACA an Alternative to Group Healthcare

NH Business Review editor Jeff Feingold and award-winning staff writer Bob Sanders break down Bob's recent story on a new trend in healthcare. As an outgrowth of the Affordable Care Act, and subsequent measures and subsidies, more and more people…

Inside New Hampshire's Telehealth Push

Members of the NH Telehealth Alliance talk about about their case that New Hampshire needs to normalize telehealth and provide long-term regulatory support for telehealth initiatives

JPMorgan Chase Says Business Leaders Optimism at Record High

JPMorgan Chase Vice President Tom Cunningham and Executive Market Director of Banking Laura Cortese talk about their latest Business Outlook Pulse Survey, which shows business leaders at their most optimistic in the 11 years since the survey's inception

What the heck is an NFT?

What are NFTs? How do they work? And why are people spending millions of dollars on them?

A Look Inside an NH Nursing Home During COVID

Brendan Williams and David Ross talk about about what health care organizations went through - and are still going through - battling to keep their facilities safe from COVID

New NESN Show Highlights New Hampshire Life

Inside this episode: This week, NH Business Review Editor Jeff Feingold talks with Kate Sullivan, producer and host of the new show New Hampshire Life and communications director at White Birch Communications. They talk about the show, its production. This…

The Synergy Between Art and Business in Manchester

Elizabeth Hitchcock, co-owner of The Factory, The Bookery and Orbit Group, joins NH Business Review editor Jeff Feingold and publisher Ernesto Burden to talk about the intersection between art and business.

Should NH Tax PPP Loans?

Talking through the complexities of the impact taxing PPP loans would have on various businesses, the total amount it could mean for the state in revenue, and the debate over what to do next.

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