New Hampshire Business Review - January-11 2013

Supporters of R&D tax credit proposal come out in force at Senate hearing

There's a good chance the state's research and development tax credit cap will be doubled, at least judging by the support it had before the Senate Ways and Means Committee and by the vote of the panel's members, who unanimously and quickly approved the proposal Tuesday after a public hearing at which all but one person testified in favored of it.

RE/MAX report: N.H. home sales rose 21% in 2012

Single-family home sales in New Hampshire increased by more than a fifth in 2012 from the previous year, a sign that buyers were taking advantage of flat prices and historically low interest rates, according to a new report on the New England housing market.

The dangers of confirmation bias

Confirmation bias -- the tendency of people to seek and embrace information that matches their existing beliefs and paradigm -- is one of the many flaws we humans have when it comes to using data in our personal and professional lives.

Q&A with Albany International CEO Joseph Morone

Joseph Morone is bullish on New Hampshire -- in fact, he's bet his company's future on it. Morone, the CEO and president of Albany International Corp., relocated the international company's headquarters to Rochester last year. With the French aerospace maker…