Author: NH Business Review Staff

The Synergy Between Art and Business in Manchester

Elizabeth Hitchcock, co-owner of The Factory, The Bookery and Orbit Group, joins NH Business Review editor Jeff Feingold and publisher Ernesto Burden to talk about the intersection between art and business.

Should NH Tax PPP Loans?

Talking through the complexities of the impact taxing PPP loans would have on various businesses, the total amount it could mean for the state in revenue, and the debate over what to do next.

Why businesses might like the NH House budget

Bob and Jeff discuss the sausage making the House of Representatives undertook in crafting their state budget proposal, which they passed yesterday. The upshot? Business should be happy with the outcome. Bob breaks down why.

2021 BOB Award winners

NH Business Review is pleased to present the winners of our 14th annual BOB Awards, which honor the Best of Business in New Hampshire for 2021. Each year, our readers vote for the Granite State’s most stand-out businesses — the…