Sturm Ruger sales soar in 2Q

Sturm Ruger & Co. was getting so many gun orders that it couldn't build them fast enough last quarter, and its quarterly numbers reflect that. Even after suspending orders for the first two-thirds of the quarter the gun manufacturer sold nearly $120 million of firearms, up by half compared to the second quarter of 2011.

PC Connection's YTD sales top $1b

Driven by corporate buying, PC Connection Inc. sold some $543 million of computers, services, equipment and software last quarter, a 6 percent increase over last year, resulting in net income of $8.8 million or 33 cents a share, a nickel…

Micronetics settles pre-merger shareholder suits

Micronetics Inc. on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding that tentatively settles three shareholder class action suits in an attempt to prevent them from affecting the company's $75 million merger to Mercury Computer Systems Inc. The terms of the settlement…