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What are you trying to say?

Not communicating clearly with your customers comes with a cost

Working on an idea? KISS

The keep-it-simple-stupid principle works wonders in business

Are millennials different?

Each generation branches out in their own ways
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5 things I learned from taking video of my dog

Some important lessons in communications from a canine

Data privacy is not a right

Limits on collecting information would stifle the ongoing transformation of how we do business

‘Star Trek’ marketing lessons

Everything I needed to know about the subject I learned from watching the classic TV show
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Paying for retirement

The goal is to keep control of your financial destiny

Retirement planning (before it’s too late)

It’s never too early to think about it

Is investment industry transparency just a buzzword?

By abandoning the ‘protocol,’ firms are selling their investors short
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For the soul of business

The co-CEOs of W.S. Badger discuss the firm’s guiding principles

Weaponizing work against the poor

Employment requirements for government assistance are not as simple as proponents say

Ride-alongs with your reps

Managers should go ‘in the trenches’ on appointments with their salespeople
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What’s in store for real estate in 2019?

Despite global pressures things should be slow, but steady

Yes, there is a downturn coming

The question is its duration and depth

Is there a hint of anxiety in the air?

Economy still chugs along, but a correction is inevitable
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Pre-patent sales curbed

SCOTUS decision clears up rules on secret commercial deals

Tips for navigating 2018 tax season

The opportunity in Qualified Opportunity Funds

They offer significant tax benefits and are more flexible than you might think
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Beyond performance: 8 benefits your business may realize from SD-WAN 

Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) can help improve your company’s network performance and lower the risk of costly network downtime.

The network for the 21st century

As cloud usage soars, many New Hampshire businesses face a big challenge. They have 20th century computer networks for 21st century businesses.

What to expect from wireless technology in 2019

With the onset of 5G, the benefits and possibilities are endless
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