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How to recruit millennials

4 tips that form the backbone of a hiring strategy

Is Apple worth a trillion dollars?

It’s the outcome of a lot of the right decisions

Is an MBA worth pursuing?

The short answer is, ‘it depends’
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‘Star Trek’ marketing lessons

Everything I needed to know about the subject I learned from watching the classic TV show

Keep your customers coming back

How to create an experience that is comfortable, high-quality, consistent and personalized

A business guide to social media

How to approach online communities in a rapidly evolving environment
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How to make your money last in retirement

Many retirees are reluctant to dip into their principal for fear of running out of money

Five common Social Security questions answered

HSAs and healthcare expenses

In retirement, health savings accounts can offer tax-free savings and peace of mind
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Communication with your employees is a necessity for businesses

Nothing is worse than employees who feel like they are the last to know or not important enough to know what is happening

Those aching backs are stealing your profits

Companies that don’t prioritize ergonomics are at a significantly higher risk of accidents and injuries

The ‘inner game’ of leadership

Skills are important but personal qualities matter more
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Is there a hint of anxiety in the air?

Economy still chugs along, but a correction is inevitable

So when will the market become ‘normal’ again?

From traditional metrics, it should have changed already

A multi-pronged approach toward solving affordability

Municipalities should focus on allowing housing to accommodate young workers and empty-nesters
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Retaliation is a top concern for employers

Do your managers recognize it when they see it?

New law will change alimony landscape in NH

Set to take effect on Jan. 1, it provides a new framework for determining payments

Avoiding corrupt practices abroad

When doing business internationally, compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is essential
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Cybersafety for small businesses

Putting these safeguards in place will make it that much harder for your data to be comprised

Top five cybersecurity practices to decrease risk

These steps can start your layered approach to security

Ask your potential IT provider these six questions

It’s important to do your homework on a company before hiring them
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