May Day, May Day; FairPoint done forwarding ''

FairPoint’s Internet customers can’t use “” any more.

Starting today, e-mails sent to FairPoint customers with their former Verizon e-mail address will no longer be forwarded. FairPoint cut over to its systems at the end of January. Since then, Verizon has forwarded “” e-mail to the equivalent “” address. But the company only agreed to forward mail for 90 days, a period that ends today.

From now on, e-mails sent to the former e-mail address will be returned as undeliverable.

Many FairPoint customers had trouble getting their e-mail even while the forwarding still occurred, however. So many complaints were heard about Internet service, followed by problems with billing and the difficulty contacting FairPoint for telephone repairs or installations, that the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission imposed new stricter requirements to monitor the company’s progress.

FairPoint now says it probably won’t have everything back to normal until June. Customers with questions are asked to call FairPoint technical support at (800) 240-5019.