H-1B visas are indentured servitude

To the editor:

I am amazed that a New Hampshire attorney would openly promote the importation of non-American indentured six-year servants to be trained by loyal American workers who are then to be discarded (“H-1B visa program is broken, and it needs fixing” by Thomas W. Hildreth, Feb. 1-14 New Hampshire Business Review).

The H-1B visa holders must stay at THE SAME U.S. corporation for years to become eligible to apply for their green cards. So therein, they are indentured. They are docile. They drive down the wage scales of the surviving American non-slaves.

New Hampshire Business Review enthusiastically promotes the transfer of the business functions with their trained foreigners, pushing the jobs of New Hampshire’s citizens out to India and Communist China.

When Wall Street executives behave like that, I can understand their lack of loyalty toward Americans. Today, MULTI-national executives only show loyalty to green and black dollar bills. No longer is there any loyalty to country. This isn’t 1942. This is 2007. New Hampshire plays by different rules now.

However, attorneys are supposed to have taken an oath to behave to a higher standard. When New Hampshire businesspeople, led by a McLane attorney, do treason gleefully against their own countrymen, that disgusts me.

Walter A. Nodelman
West Hartford, Conn.

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