Centripetal Networks Inc. and iSIGHT Partners form partnership to combat cyber attacks

Centripetal's network platform will utilize iSIGHT Partners' advanced threat intelligence

Centripetal Networks Inc., a provider of real-time active network defense solutions, based out of Herndon, Va. with a location in Portsmouth, is partnering with Dallas-based iSIGHT Partners, a provider of global threat intelligence, to proactively combat cyber attacks against retailers and financial institutions. 

Centripetal’s RuleGate platform offers cyber analysts visibility into which hosts are communicating from inside the network to specific hosts outside the network, in real-time. RuleGate enforces cyber security policies with millions of rules without any negative impact on network performance, says the company. 

With 300 security experts positioned around the world, iSIGHT Partners delivers unique global threat intelligence that will complement Centripetal's platform. iSIGHTs ThreatScape subscriptions equip enterprises with the necessary intelligence to align their security program with business risk management goals, to defend against new and emerging cyber threats. Analysts are provided with contextual reporting that includes the motivation and intent of adversaries, their campaigns and technical indicators, the malware used, and the vulnerabilities being exploited.

Through the integration of iSIGHT Partners’ cyber intelligence with the RuleGate platform, organizations can activate large-scale policies while applying million-scale unique indicators to every packet of information entering and exiting the network, without creating any degradation in network performance. Centripetal Networks will utilize iSIGHT’s ThreatScape intelligence, which the RuleGate will operationalize to enable organizations to block and alert threats in real-time, preventing data theft on the network before it occurs.

With an analysis of key indicators, organizations can fix vulnerabilities before a breach. iSIGHT Partners often releases new intelligence on advanced adversaries within days of discovery, providing enough time for customers to act defensively. 

“With RuleGate, the Centripetal team has developed a very advanced and highly scalable means of operationalizing threat intelligence and significantly reducing risk for its customers,” said Karl Hutter, iSIGHT vice president, strategic partnerships and channel, in a press release. “The combination of ThreatScape and RuleGate is a win for customers fighting the battle against advanced threats.

“We are pleased to integrate iSIGHT Partners’ industry-leading cyber intelligence with the Centripetal Networks solution,” said Steven A. Rogers, founder and CEO of Centripetal Networks. “By leveraging the global threat intelligence from ThreatScape, we are able to provide organizations with a new level of security and equip cyber analysts with the most-advanced, instantaneous data correlation available. We use this solution on our own network and believe wholeheartedly in its abilities.”

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