House panel hears minimum wage hike proposals

Lago's Ice Cream in Rye would have to increase the price of a cone by a quarter and sell thousands more of them to get the money to pay its teenage crew the 75 cents an hour more required by the most conservative of the three minimum wage bills proposed this year, estimated Steve Grenier, the owner of the business, at a hearing held Tuesday before the House Labor Committee.

BIA readies release of new 'Blue Book'

The "Blue Book" -- the legislative directory that has had an almost Bible-like reputation among State House denizens for more than three decades -- will be coming out in mid-February with a new owner, a new publisher, an online edition, and packed with more information than before.

Supporters of R&D tax credit proposal come out in force at Senate hearing

There's a good chance the state's research and development tax credit cap will be doubled, at least judging by the support it had before the Senate Ways and Means Committee and by the vote of the panel's members, who unanimously and quickly approved the proposal Tuesday after a public hearing at which all but one person testified in favored of it.

Unfinished business in the State House?

This is a budget year for the New Hampshire Legislature, but more importantly it's a political swing year, which means there's a new Democratic House and a more closely divided Senate. It also means that there may be some major…