Careers yet to be established

Where future talent can best direct their energies, in ways we can’t fathom today
Bill Ryan|!!| founder of Ryan Career Services LLC in Concord

 In the career space, it is becoming increasingly certain that the future of careers is increasingly uncertain. The headwinds of change are strengthening, and what in traditional employment has looked stable is now looking unstable. There are a variety of economic and social shifts ushering in this climate of modification and adjustment, influenced largely by globalization, technology and changing demographics, with the trends looking irreversible. Given that signifi­cant change has a way of making people nervous and anxious, it could seem that the future may be something to fear. But what if we were to reframe this phenom­enon as an opportunity? It can be done. Viewing undetermined career variations favorably begins with asking the ques­tion, “What valuable career(s) has/have yet to be established?” To begin answer­ing the question, let’s pass through the portal allowing us to view the world’s many challenges. There is certainly no shortage of problems in need of resolu­tions. The demands are countless and the need for bold, positive and progres­sive actions, leading to widespread beneficial advances is urgent. So where do we begin? Following are my picks for top categories where future talent can best direct their energies — in ways about which we can only today dream.

• Poverty: The most egregious plight continuing to poison humankind is the plague of poverty. It burdens us all economically, in terms of security, and of course morally. Must we continue to ac­cept that so many of the planet’s people struggle to live healthy lives of happiness and fulfillment?

• Economics: If there is one thing we learned from the recent recession it is that our economic health is far from secure. Expertise in the financial indus­try and among the monetary decision-makers is required to maintain a fiscal model free of the wild and dangerous speculative swings that can so devastate Main Street.

• Health care: Preventing and treating disease, promoting wellness and lever­aging recent breakthroughs in science and medicine contribute immeasurably to the number of career opportunities. Projections are that health care will see very strong growth. Many lives are just waiting to be enhanced and heightened.

• Environment: Managing a growing global population that demands more use of finite resources and higher living standards is our collective reality for the foreseeable future. There will be no shortage of creative solutions to be dis­covered assisting the planet in support­ing the burgeoning masses.

 • Business services: Aiding business to provide the necessary and desired goods and services, which will elevate and sustain enjoyable and productive lives re­mains important. Profitable and reward­ing models and techniques are still in need of detection and development.

 • Lifestyle: Crafting the zeitgeist of new eras will be in the hands and minds of those involved in the arts, fashion, music, literature and culture as they seek novel ways of expressing the times. Creative facility is waiting to be unleashed to communicate the spirit and meaning of ages yet to come. I could go on. Energy, international rela­tions, social work and many other fields hold promise as areas for future career development. Societies yearn for original and fresh approaches to improve and better the world. All of us, young and old, have the capacity to meet this demand. We owe it to ourselves to nurture and expand an entrepreneurial mindset, lead­ing to innovative problem-solving and wealth creation. Let’s train and orient our youth in particular to be entrepreneurial success stories and not merely laborers practicing routine procedures. Discovering concepts new, untried and effective should be encouraged as much if not more than reproducing commodi­ties. Permit and reassure our students and children to take reasonable risk, col­laborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and apply intelligence in peculiar and offbeat ways. It can be exciting and energizing to think that original and valuable careers are wait­ing to be spawned. It gives us hope.

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