An engineer’s view of the ‘Trump effect’

To the editor:

You wrote a detailed article describing the services that would be cut under the new budget proposal (“The budget and the bottom line: Trump cuts could hit businesses across the state,” April 28-May 11 NH Business Review). However, you neglected to point out the benefits
from a corporate tax cut (which now includes small business pass-through entities).

You remind me of many junior engineers I trained — they simplified the number of variables because to solve partial differential equations was too difficult. You probably have never gone through the discipline of solving partial differential equations, but the concept is simple. You talk about the “Trump effect,” which is influenced by a large number of variables. You chose to discuss a “partial” number of the many variables. But, alas, you are not trained to be as disciplined thinkers as my engineers. You are a journalist.

Bob Robbins


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