Thanks for the great reporting

To the editor,

Many thanks to NH Business Review and journalist Bob Sanders for the excellent, in-depth article about the future of fossil-fueled electricity plant operations in New Hampshire. Digging into the details of forward capacity payments and new ISO-NE tariffs for on-site storage for coal plants is not for the fainthearted! Thank you for explaining it in such an accessible report.

I also appreciate the perspectives of the Office of Consumer Advocate and activist Lila Kohrman Glaser of 350 NH. I wonder how many people realize that default and competitive suppliers add a fee to cover those forward capacity payments for every kWh purchased at the wholesale electricity price? These costs are locked in for the next three years, and we need to be paying attention to them. Bob Sanders’ piece makes that whole topic a lot easier for the average person to follow.

I hope Mr. Sanders will continue to offer us these critical, educational reports as we struggle to address the causes and impacts of the climate crisis.

Well done, Mr. Sanders and NH Business Review!

Patricia Martin


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