Sea View Technologies acquires Granite Coast

Sea View Technologies of Exeter has announced the acquisition of Portsmouth-based Granite Coast Technologies.

Granite Coast — a firm that offers end-of-life inventory excess and shortage solutions for companies in the computer and electronics manufacturing industries — will become a subsidiary of Sea View, said Roland Brewer, Sea View’s chief executive officer. Sea View offers supply-chain and asset recovery services to electronics and technology firms.

Both companies will continue to operate with the same personnel in place. Drew Page will remain the president and CEO of Granite Coast and Tom Conneen will continue as chief operating officer.

“Both companies have achieved tremendous success and there is absolutely no way I want to tamper with that,” said Brewer. “This really is a case of one plus one equaling three, with both companies benefiting from the other’s expertise.”

Sea View deals mainly with excess manufacturing inventory, specializing in raw materials such as semiconductors. Granite Coast deals mainly with end-of-life inventory and specializing in finished goods, PC parts and electronics. – NHBR STAFF

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