Redevelopment begins at Havenwood-Heritage Heights

Project includes demolition of 63 existing units to make way for an estimated 34 new wood-framed single and duplex cottages with

Cobb Hill Construction has begun work on a redevelopment project for the Havenwood-Heritage Heights retirement community on East Side Drive in Concord.

The extensive redevelopment is designed to update over 54,978 square feet of new construction while demolishing 4,658 square feet of existing cottages to provide additional living space, carports and an updated design that is more reflective of the lifestyle of today’s retirees, the Concord-based builder said.

The redevelopment project includes demolition of approximately 63 existing units to make way for an estimated 34 new wood-framed cottages. The cottages will be a mix of single and duplex units that include freestanding carports. Each cottage will offer more living space than the previous units, and in some cases include a full basement. Additional site work will include new roadways, driveways, sidewalks, underground utilities, lighting, and landscaping.

“We have worked with Havenwood-Heritage Heights on many projects, but this is certainly the most extensive,” said Jerry Kingwill, president of Cobb Hill. “We are excited to begin work on this new redevelopment project and to help develop a community with more living space and a fresh look.”

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