Portsmouth firm wins new biogas contract

Environmental Power Corporation and its subsidiary, Microgy, have contracted to construct and operate a second multi-digester biogas production and gas conditioning in Texas.

The Portsmouth-based firm said the new facility, to be located at Mission Dairy near Hereford, Texas, is expected to produce 1 billion cubic feet of biogas a year with an energy content of approximately 650,000 million BTU (equal to approximately 12,700 gallons of heating oil a day) by processing the manure of 10,000 cows in eight 916,000-gallon digesters.

The facility is similar in size and construction to the Huckabay Ridge facility now under construction in Stephenville, Texas. Gas from both facilities will be sold directly into natural gas pipelines following treatment and compression into pipeline-grade methane.

“The Mission project is a significant next step in the execution of our project rollout,” said Kam Tejwani, CEO of Environmental Power. “The Mission project not only demonstrates the repeatability of the multi-digester pipeline gas ownership model, but also positions us well in one of the largest and fastest growing dairy regions in the U.S. and cements our position as a leading developer of non-depleting, cost effective renewable energy resources.”

Microgy will be charged with sourcing all of the manure required by the project and constructing and operating the new facility. – TRACIE STONE

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