Peterborough singles out business recyclers

The town of Peterborough saved more than $23,000 in December through recycling and reselling reclaimed waste, much of that cardboard and other materials from businesses.

To support businesses that recycle, the town’s recycling center is sending out decals and a letter thanking companies for their efforts.

“Commercial recycling is a large part of our business; we’re very grateful for all of the recycled material that dozens of businesses in town bring to the center,” said Scott Bradford, recycling center manager. “To honor their efforts we’re providing them with the decal and a personal letter thanking them for their dedication to recycling.”

The decal states “This Establishment Supports Recycling” and features the recycling triangle and Peterborough town logo.

This is the first time the town has officially recognized businesses for recycling. “If your business recycles and did not receive a decal, we ask that you inform one of the attendants at the center. We want to be sure all the businesses that recycle are recognized appropriately,” said Bradford.

Statistics for the tonnage of recycled materials are available under the recycling center link on the town of Peterborough’s Web site,, and are updated monthly. — CINDY KIBBE

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