Nurturing your inner influencer

Leading with influence takes vision, mindset and other leaders

Leader are only influential because of those who rally around them. Followers are leaders in their own right because those who are the first to follow actually start the movement and help to create a tipping point. Influencers help start the fire that moves change forward.

As you look to make change in your organizations, nurture those who are key influencers around you. You can do this in several ways – setting a powerful vision, creating a persistent mindset, identifying key people to help with the cause and using multiple tracks to move forward.

A powerful vision

Seek to help people see the vision of what is possible. Help them formulate in their mind what could be if change takes place. Connect it to who they are and what they need. Keep reminding people often and in different ways what this vision is and how it can change lives, the overall situation or your industry.

With a strong vision the definition of hard changes. People will be inspired to keep moving forward and they will pull themselves out of the day to day weeds to bring momentum and strategy.

A persistent mindset

You must believe that it is possible and you have to keep trying to move forward. If you get rejected, ask again or find another way. NPR recently aired a piece on why male entrepreneurs get more money – it’s because they ask and ask, and ask again. Their mindset is not “maybe that’s not for me,” it is, “This is for me and I will figure out how to get it!”

Approach the situation from a perspective that brings you power – this could be from a perspective of a rebel, sage, cheerleader or a warrior. Whatever allows you to keep thinking in a way provides flexibility to adjust to the circumstances and encourages others to do the same.

Key influencers

Who is in your camp already that you aren’t moving to action? Who do you need to bring into your camp to help build momentum? Find ways to connect with your influencers by listening to what they need/want, providing avenues for them to help and creating an environment that encourages them to step forward.

Multiple tracks

Influence should be like a development plan with multiple touch points along the way to keep people inspired and engaged. Often it will take more than one conversation or avenue to help people move toward change. Utilize influencers, side conversations, ask powerful questions, keep telling the story and put accountability structures in place to keep things moving along.

I know you are an influencer. You have the power to make change – it’s time for you to believe it too.

From any level of the organization you can create impact and help lead powerfully. We are curious to hear how you are doing this now and what you want to step forward to influencing in the future.

Heather Ramsey, a certified professional coach at Sojourn Partners, Bedford, spoke on “Being an Influencer” as guest speaker at a recent NH High Tech Council’s TechWomen Power Breakfast.