NHBIA launches new Web site aimed at contacting legislators

Those who want lawmakers to push a pro-business agenda – at least as defined by the Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire – can now do so at the click of a mouse.

The BIA unveiled a new Web site, NHBusinessVotes.com, that allows visitors to directly communicate to key legislators and even cut and paste “talking points” in e-mails to them.

For instance, the BIA is now pushing SB 380, a state research and tax credit that is now in the state House Ways and Means committee. The bill – in its latest version – would give as much as $1 million credit against the Business Profits Tax.

By clicking a red arrow, the site would paste several arguments for the bill such as: “Estimates for N.H. show an economic benefit-to-tax cost ratio between 1.3 and 2.0” or “Thirty-four states, including the rest of New England, provide R&D tax credits.” Responders can then add their own text above or below the talking points. The text can then be sent – either by e-mail or though a printed letter – to all or some of the members of the House and Ways committee.

Users registering at the site will find basic information about their local representatives – although it doesn’t specify anything about their records. It will however send alerts via e-mail upon request, and provides links to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and contacts to federal representatives on national business issues. —BOB SANDERS

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