Nashua Corp. sells toner, developer assets

Nashua Corporation has sold its toner and developer assets to Katun Corporation of Minneapolis, a supplier of OEM office equipment, for an undisclosed price.

“The acquisition of these assets will enable us to expand our portfolio of products worldwide,” said Carlyle Singer, president and CEO of Katun.

The deal comes on the heels of Nashua Corp.’s restatement of its credit agreement on March 30 with LaSalle Bank National Association.

The restated credit agreement extends the term of the credit facility under the original credit agreement to March 31, 2009, and provides for a revolving credit facility of $35 million, including a $5 million sublimit for the issuance of letters of credit, and a $2,841,425 secured letter of credit that will continue to support industrial development, according to recent company filings. — NHBR STAFF

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