Microgy wins Texas deal

A Portsmouth company instrumental in the development of technology used to extract energy from farm animal waste, is once again being tapped by a West Coast natural gas company.

Microgy Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Environmental Power Corp., has entered into an agreement with Applied LNG Technologies USA Inc. of Amarillo, Texas, a liquefied natural gas wholesaler. Microgy technology makes it possible to extract methane-rich biogas from animal waste, turning it into usable energy.

Microgy and ALT will work together to identify, evaluate and develop biogas-supplied LNG projects in California using Microgy’s anaerobic digestion technology and ALT’s liquid natural gas transport and distribution technology.

Announcement of the venture came eight days after Microgy announced it had entered into a memorandum of understanding with Pacific Gas and Electric to develop biogas producing facilities. – TRACIE STONE

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