Manchester to launch trash/recycling pickup

Recycling in Manchester will become more convenient next week thanks to a new 10-year contract between the city, Pinard Waste Systems of Manchester and Corcoran Environmental Services of Kennebunk, Maine.

Beginning March 1, Manchester residents will be able to place their recyclables at the curb for pickup by Pinard trucks on the same day they receive their usual trash pickup, according to Joanne McLaughlin, recycling superintendent for Manchester. Homeowners will still be asked to separate their papers from containers, however.

“I am so pleased Pinard Waste will be offering this service. They’re local. They started in the city more than 40 years ago. They know the city, they know the streets — it’s perfect,” McLaughlin said. “I actually have Bob’s phone number programmed right on my cell phone. That speaks of service to me. He’s promised us great service and I know he will stand behind that.”

The change is part of a long-term plan to increase voluntary recycling in the Queen City. In addition to the increased pickup convenience, materials broker Corcoran Environmental will be constructing a materials recovery facility at the city’s transfer station within the next three years.

The new facility will make single-stream recycling possible, eliminating the need for homeowners to separate their fibers from containers. Each homeowner will receive a 65 gallon wheeled container at that time.

The new facility will be made available to surrounding towns, adding to the city’s revenue-stream, according to McLaughlin.

“We will receive 10 percent of the revenue for recyclables totaling between 15,000 and 49,999 tons, and 20 percent for any amount over 50,000 tons,” McLaughlin said. “That’s substantial.”

Studies have shown 80 percent of household waste in the area is recyclable, and McLaughlin is optimistic the changes from the new contract will encourage more people to participate in local efforts. “We’re feeling pretty good about the future of recycling in the city.” – TRACIE STONE

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