Letters to the Editor: Consumers should drive telecom reforms

To the editor:

I appreciated the recent op-ed, “Telecom regulations stifle innovation” (Nov. 25-Dec. 8 New Hampshire Business Review).

As the piece noted, Hurricane Katrina placed in sharp relief the urgent need for a strong communications infrastructure for emergency workers. This illustrates our nationwide need for updated communications laws that reflect the world we live in today — brimming with broadband and wireless devices, iPods and other advances. It’s time to move beyond regulations devised for a pre-Internet era and accelerate the innovation and investment that can expand consumers’ communications choices.

Consumers are not concerned with which technological platform delivers their service. We care about having choices and getting a good deal. A modern, market-driven regulatory model will foster this progress. It will ensure that residents of New Hampshire have the best communications that modern technology has to offer and the strong business and job growth, learning and other opportunities that come with these advances.

I commend U.S. Sen. John Ensign of Nevada and U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona for their bill to establish comprehensive, consumer-driven reforms. I strongly urge Senator Sununu to embrace this enlightened approach and uphold the vision of a truly modern U.S. information economy.

Sarah Crawford

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