Letters to the Editor

N.H. ice cream not forgotten

The following letter was addressed to Cindy Kibbe, assistant editor at New Hampshire Business Review, in response to her Last Word article, “I still scream for ‘Granite’ ice cream,” which appeared in our June 8-21 issue.


We hear your screams for “Granite” ice cream and love your enthusiasm for Hood’s New England Creamery line of ice cream!

In response to your June 8 article in New Hampshire Business Review, we apologize to you and all New Hampshire ice cream lovers for the delay in Hood’s new Take Me For Granite Ice Cream, inspired by the great state of New Hampshire.

We expected the product to be on shelves by late spring, but due to distribution challenges, the ship dates for the new flavor have been pushed back. I can assure you that Take Me For Granite Ice Cream will be available in New England supermarkets by late August.

When Take Me For Granite Ice Cream does appear on store shelves, it will be distributed throughout the New England area at Shaw’s, DeMoulas’ Market Basket, Big Y, Roche Bros. and Foodmaster supermarkets. Hood would like to distribute Take Me For Granite Ice Cream to a wider variety of stores, but some chains are not accepting the flavor at this time.

We know the ice cream suspense is eating at you and many other New Hampshire residents, but be confident that Hood has not forgotten about your state’s unique, new ice cream flavor and can’t wait for the citizens of the ‘Granite’ state to begin indulging in Take Me For Granite Ice Cream!

Lynne Bohan
Vice President of Public Relations and Government Affairs
HP Hood
Lynnfield, Mass.

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