New Hampshire Business Review - August-18 2017

Q&A with Northern Forest Center President Rob Riley

‘The New Hampshire North Country is part of a broader four-state region that is complicated and dynamic,’ says Rob Riley, president of the Concord-based Northern Forest Center, which focuses on economic development in the northern forest areas of New York, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire.

Making the Postal Service financially sustainable

While the Postal Service welcomes constructive dialogue surrounding the Postal Regulatory Commission’s review of our pricing regulations, we feel the need to correct some misconceptions stated in the article, “A balanced approach to postal rates is critical,” that appeared in…

The high cost of renewable energy jobs

To the editor: The article by Michael Behrmann (“The right way to support the renewable energy industry,” Aug. 4-17 NH Business Review) could have been shortened to just the last paragraph. Eversource’s customers are slated to pay $140 million in…