The high cost of renewable energy jobs

To the editor:

The article by Michael Behrmann (“The right way to support the renewable energy industry,” Aug. 4-17 NH Business Review) could have been shortened to just the last paragraph. Eversource’s customers are slated to pay $140 million in above-market rates for the dubious 240 jobs estimated. Contrary to Behrmann’s assertion, an incentive and a subsidy are one and the same. Just ask a ratepayer who buys overpriced electricity. And the cost is slated to reach $200 million soon.

Then there is the myth of improving the forest as a result of biomass harvesting. Don’t ask a government forester about it; ask a private forester sometime when you are alone with him. The answer will curl your hair. The biomass shortage in New Hampshire is so grim that the Berlin plant will soon be buying chips from whole trees/logs that could well be used for a higher purpose.

Donald Bradley


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