Environmental Power unit inks Calif. deal

A Granite State company committed to the development and creation of clean energy facilities will take its expertise to the West Coast to work with one of the country’s largest natural gas and electric utilities in the development of a transmission network for new biogas projects.

Microgy Inc., a subsidiary of Environmental Power Corp. in Portsmouth, announced yesterday the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Pacific Gas and Electric Company to develop biogas-producing facilities for PG&E and ensuring that the biogas delivered to the California company’s pipeline system meets PG&E’s technical specifications including gas quality and delivery pressure.

PG&E has agreed to assist Microgy in identifying potential points of interconnection and to help determine the best manner in which to interconnect Microgy’s facilities to PG&E’s pipeline network.

“We are pleased that PG&E is receptive to the development of renewable gas facilities that can be interconnected with PG&E’s system in California,” said Kam Tejwani, Environmental Power Corp. CEO.

Microgy holds an exclusive license in North America for the development and deployment of anaerobic digestion technology which transforms manure and food industry waste into biogas rich in methane that can be used to generate electricity or thermal energy or refined into pipeline-grade methane for sale as a commodity.

Microgy’s expertise will be especially useful in the California project as the state is both, the largest energy consumer and the largest dairy producer in the country, the company said.

“There is value for energy consumers in the state and for California’s dairy sector from the development of such resources,” Tejwani said. “If successful, this initiative promises to help meet the challenges faced by both sectors.” – TRACIE STONE

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