BAE demonstrates unmanned aerial system

Representatives from BAE Systems in Nashua were in Fort Benning, Georgia, yesterday to demonstrate the company’s newest unmanned aerial system for members for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and representatives from the United States Army.

The new technology, complete with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, is designed to fly for more than an hour at a time and deploy “WolfPack,” a signals intelligence payload. The integration of the system with the unmanned aerial system was to demonstrate the deployment and relocation of the sensors according to statements released by BAE.

“The mobility provided by the unmanned aerial system significantly enhances the utility of the WolfPack sensors,” said Tom Herring, vice president and general manager of integrated solutions for BAE Systems. “Together, the sensor suite and the UAS represent an important capability to support the war fighters’ needs.”

WolfPack is produced at BAE’s Nashua facility while the UAS is produced at the company’s West Coast plant. – TRACIE STONE

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