2004 N.H. workforce deaths tallied

Workforce fatalities in New Hampshire accounted for 9 percent of on-the-job deaths in the New England region during 2004, with the highest number of losses occurring in the construction industry, according to federal Department of Labor statistics.

Of the 15 New Hampshire deaths that occurred in 2004, six took place in the construction industry. Being struck by a vehicle highway accidents each accounted for three deaths.

New Hampshire’s construction-related death toll – 40 percent of workforce deaths — was nearly double the national average of 21 percent.

The total number of New Hampshire’s work-related fatalities, down by four, matches the 12 -year average of workforce deaths in the Granite State, with the lowest number (nine) occurring in 2001 and the highest (23) occurring in 1997 and 1998.

This downward trend is consistent with the New England region. A total of 169 work-related deaths were reported throughout New England during 2004, down from 188 in 2003. Nationally, however, fatalities increased by 2 percent.

Massachusetts and Connecticut, with work-related fatalities of 70 and 54, respectively, represented the highest number of losses within the New England region. – TRACIE STONE

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