Web site urges youngsters to pursue higher ed

The Center for College Planning, a member of the New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation Network Organizations, has launched an interactive Web site designed to nurture interest in higher education among middle school students.

“With the complexity of the college process and the rising college costs, the importance of early planning is critical,” said Tara Payne, vice president of marketing and communications at the NHHEAF Network Organizations

A survey of high school seniors conducted in 2005 indicates many youngsters are ready to begin planning for their higher education at an early age. According to NHHEAF spokesperson Allyson Brehm, more than 55 percent of students surveyed made a decision to go to college even before the 6th grade.

NHHEAF Network officials are confident the new Web site, NHCollegeClub.com, will encourage early thoughts of an advanced education among youngsters by introducing them to college life. The site also offers opportunities for visitors to explore career options and outlines early steps toward a successful application process and college experience.

The role of parents hasn’t been forgotten on NHCollegeClub.com either.

“Not only do students make decisions about college early, the attitudes of those around them about education will have a strong influence over their future plans,” said Payne.

The “College Coaches” section supports parents and other adults influential in the lives of the middle schooler.

NHCollegeClub.com is part of the early college awareness initiative, “NH Goes to College,” in partnership with member institutions of the New Hampshire College and University Council.

For more information, call 1-800-525-2577 or visit NHCollegeClub.com. – TRACIE STONE

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