The choice is capitalism or socialism

To the editor:

NHBR is a company that concerns itself with business interests. This is an open letter concerning the election of our next president. Business interests are different and unique. They must be assessed differently.

The political noise is mind-numbing. Spin doctors are like black flies in May. The media never leaves circus mode. Business interests need to step back and take a deep breath. It can’t let itself be consumed by the hysteria and personality wars. Business needs its course charted from critical, reasoned logic.

Like it or not, business has to belly up to the bar of REALITY. For the first time, it truly is good vs evil – capitalism vs socialism. It is life or death. The voting booth is the coliseum. If evil wins, business is doomed to a slow death inflicted by central planning, government into perpetuity. The same as business has experienced across Europe for the past century and stagnated economically from it. We’re at the most important crossroads election for business interests in American history? Are you all sleeping?

Mutter, moan, groan and curse all you want. There are only two shot glasses sitting on the bar. Only ONE, let me repeat, only ONE represents the path of capitalism. That’s Donald Trump with all his paranoia, dyslexia and warts. Capitalism, the path America has followed to great wealth, power and prosperity since its founding.

No matter Donald Trump’s grating personality, business has NO CHOICE but to back him. Trump represents a blink of an eye in time. The evil of socialism is a forever cancer as business interests surrender ever more freedoms to government. Business will be slowly suffocated by ever more regulation, price controls and profit demonization as we all watch helplessly the slow death of laissez-faire capitalism. I ask again. Are you all sleeping?

Even the Democratic centrists are all socialists. Every ounce of energy, vitality and hope in the Democratic party rests in socialism. Unless these barbarians are turned back at the gate NOW, it’s over. It won’t be long — two out of every three wage dollars will become tax dollars to government. Money required to feed the growing cancer of socialism. Look to Finland. It’s your first clue of how socialism really works. Everyone pays income taxes. Not just 50% like here and everyone pays them down to the street sweeper and waitress. A Coke costs $10 for a reason. Mostly TAXES that pay for the fantasy of FREE socialism.

I’ve been reading Brad Cook’s emotionally heated attacks on Trump with absolute despair. Cook is standing front row with the barbarians killing capitalism. He’s aiding and abetting capitalism’s worst enemies with his commentary. Democrats have made this election about one choice. Any person not supporting Trump is DIRECTLY and INTENTIONALLY supporting socialism. What part of this conclusion don’t you understand? It’s impossible to critically reason to any other ending.

Tony Boutin


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