SwANH honors Amherst company

Ease of use, affordability and extensive features earned an Ektron Inc., an Amherst software company, recognition as the Software Association of New Hampshire’s 2005 “Most Valuable Player.”

Ektron CEO and founder Bill Rogers was given the award at the Oct. 6 InfoXchange conference at the Wayfarer Inn in Bedford.

“Ektron has won international recognition for their technology and clients faithful around the world, ” said James McKim, SwANH chairman. “They set an example that other software companies would do well to emulate.”

Company attributes including revenue growth, employees and products, innovative problem-solving ability, “coolness factors” of its technology, and good citizenship are all attributes celebrated by the SwANH MVP award, said company officials.

Ektron Web technology is used by health-care, government, education and technology organizations to make the creation, publication and management of Internet content easier.

Web sites of the city of San Francisco, the U.S. Marine Corps and the London Symphony Orchestra are all products of Ektron technology. – TRACIE STONE

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