‘Sicko’ to begin showing in N.H. Friday

Michael Moore’s new movie, “Sicko,” will open in New Hampshire on Friday, a week after it was originally expected to hit Granite State movie screens.

According to Teresa Welsh, customer service associate for the movie theater chain Regal Entertainment, the upcoming opening of Moore’s controversial film depicting the faults of the nation’s health-care system will take place at Regal Cinemas at the Fox Run Mall in Newington.

Two weeks ago, some 600 people attended the film’s New Hampshire premiere at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, with Moore in attendance.

“Sicko” was originally slated to open to the public in New Hampshire on June 29, but a last-minute change by Lions Gate Entertainment, distributor of “Sicko,” postponed the release.

According to Welsh, 1,600 theaters across the country were originally expecting to begin showing “Sicko” on June 29. Plans changed for nearly three-quarters of them when Lion’s Gate first decreased the number of theaters to 800 before finally deciding to open at only 440.

“Originally, Lion’s Gate was planning on a wide release pattern but this past week decided on a limited release,” said Dick Westerling, senior vice president of marketing and advertisement for Regal Cinema. “As far as the future goes, it really depends on how well ‘Sicko’ does with this limited release,” Westerling said. “It will be up to the distributor as to what the play dates will be going forward.” – TRACIE STONE

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