Rehab, renovation projects honored by Preservation Alliance

Concord Main Street reconstruction among the winners

The reconstruction of Concord’s Main Street and the rehabilitation of a Claremont mill building were among the projects, organizations and individuals honored Tuesday with Achievement Awards from the NH Preservation Alliance.

All told, 10 achievement awards were presented in recognition of outstanding historic preservation projects, along with three certificates of merit.

The common thread among all the projects, said the alliance’s executive director, Jennifer Goodman, is “high-quality investments that benefit residents and visitors, and catalyze additional community development activities.”

She said the projects “are all very complex, and tenacity and creativity are also ingredients in all.”

Achievement Award winners were:

 • Effingham Preservation Society for rehabilitation of the Weare Drake Store Building

 • Canterbury Shaker Village for outstanding rehabilitation of the Trustees’ Office

 • Northwood Congregational Church for restoration and rehabilitation of its landmark building

 • State of New Hampshire for restoration of the State House Dome

 • Jeff and Sarah Barrette for the revitalization of the Monadnock Mills Boarding House/Store House #5 for the Ink Factory in Claremont

 • Karen Bouffard for the rehabilitation of 100-2 State Street, Portsmouth

 • City of Concord for rehabilitation and revitalization of Concord’s Main Street

 • David Adams for outstanding contributions to the field of historic preservation

 • Manchester Historical Association for outstanding historic preservation education and outreach

 • Town of Stratham for its preservation of the Lane Homestead

Merit awards were presented to:

 • Town of Hillsborough and the trustees of the Fuller Public Library for the rehabilitation of the Fuller Public Library/ John Butler Smith Mansion

 • Windham Presbyterian Church for restoration of its bell tower

 • Hampton Town Clock Committee for the rescue and restoration of the Hampton Town Clock

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