Rain puts damper on boat sales

Record rains for the months of May and June have affected boat sales and services throughout New Hampshire.

How and by how much may vary from business to business, yet marine owners concur that dryer weather and sunnier skies will be the key to a successful rebound during the summer months.

“If there’s a God in heaven and he’s watching this he’ll help us out,” said Arnold Green, owner of Green’s Marine in Hooksett. “Everybody is affected by weather like this. “

While boat sales are down a bit for Green, he knows the same is true for other boat dealers. He is pleased, however , that “service is going gangbusters” at his 44-year-old business on Route 3 in Hooksett.

Green gives much of the credit for the survival of his company during this difficult season to local fishermen.

“God loves the fishermen. They’re out there rain or shine,” laughed Green whose business has survived five recessions. “Those fisherman are the ones who save my butt.”

High water levels, continuous rain and the resulting 600-foot no-wake zone on many Granite State lakes have meant fewer boats on the water which translates further into a decreased demand for service and a decrease in gas sales according to Betty Trexler, owner of Trexler’s Marina in Moultonborough.

“When the lake is this high it cuts down on use and a lot of our customers have docks under water and haven’t been able to get their boats in yet,” said Trexler, adding that despite the circumstances, boat sales are not off much at her business.

Getting boats in the water for the season may be a little behind schedule for marinas along New Hampshire’s coast, according to Ellen Saas, co-owner of Great Bay Marine in Newington.

“Our mode right now is getting boats ready and launching them. Some of our boat owners who want to do the work themselves haven’t been able to, so our launch schedule has been a little hectic,” Saas said. “But it’s early enough in the season so its not affected us too much,” Saas said. “Our guys have just continued to work through this rain.”

Marina owners remain hopeful after a couple rain-free days, believing the affects of the rainy weather will be countered by some well-deserved sunshine and warm temperatures.

“My personal feeling is when the no-wake rule is pulled and things get better people will be so eager to use their boats they’ll go full-speed-ahead,” Trexler said. “They’ll make up for lost time.” – TRACIE STONE

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