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The Granite State News Collaborative – a partnership of more than 20 local news, education and community organizations – exists to keep our civic health strong.

As a partnership, we’ve put collaboration above competition. GSNC provides partners with the resources and tools they need to serve the public through community-centered, solutions focused journalism. This allows all of us to nurture the connections local news fosters, and widely distribute information critical to policy, spending, health, education, equity, justice and understanding of climate change.

Through GSNC, our partners have cross-published more than 4,060 stories. Of that, our freelance reporters have produced more than 600 time- and resource-intensive, solutions-focused investigative journalism pieces with our partner outlets.

But our work is more than just numbers. It matters. When we are able to put time and resources into the missing areas of coverage, communities respond and change happens.

Our work with the Concord Monitor uncovered a striking number of State Police stops targeting people of color on I-95. This sparked internal discussions at the state aimed at addressing this issue and was cited in legal briefs connected with this issue.

The Invisible Walls project with NH Business Review, Business NH and Manchester Ink Link, uncovered modern-day segregation in the state’s largest and most diverse city. Within 24 hours of publication, city officials in Manchester reached out to our data reporter to get his input as they continue revamping zoning in the city.

House Bill 544 – known as the “divisive concepts” law – was not on the public’s radar, until we collectively started amplifying and reporting on the issue. The public responded in substantial numbers with their thoughts on the issue. Even though it was ultimately slipped into the budget, the initial measure failed, which reflected the majority of public sentiment.

With NH Public Radio, we were able to produce and broadcast news in Spanish for the first time ever in New Hampshire, increasing access to information for our more than 26,000 Spanish speakers in New Hampshire.

None of this would have been possible without the GSNC. And we’re not done yet. Our Race and Equity Initiative is still going strong. We are continuing to provide resources to our partners to co-publish and report on news of the greatest impact to Granite Staters. And, this year, we are creating a strategic plan for a Community News Fund: a sustainability effort that will help lift all journalism boats and keep our communities engaged and strong.

This work is only possible with your support. That’s why we’re excited to share that we have an opportunity to make your donation go even further this year through NewsMatch, a collaborative fundraising movement to support independent, public service journalism like ours.

Here’s how it works:

Now through Dec. 31, NewsMatch will match your new monthly donation 12 times or double your one-time gift, all up to $1,000.

We have an additional goal of raising matching gifts from organizations and major donors that will power this year-end campaign. We’d like to leverage these matching gifts with the goal of using it as a direct match to incentivize additional individual donors.

Just think of the impact that could have — not just in our local newsrooms, but in our community. It doesn’t take a lot and with all of us working together – a little bit goes a long way. Please consider supporting the Granite State News Collaborative today. Let’s work together to keep our communities informed and strong.

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