Otten’s company now owns 100 percent of Balsams Resort

New investor helped enable purchase

BalsamsnewBalsams Resort Developer Les Otten has brought out his remaining partner in the landmark resort’s redevelopment.

Otten’s company, North Country Coos LLC., now owns 100% of the Dixville resort and its surrounding real estate.

The Balsams was purchased from the Tillotson Corp. in 2011 by Colebrook natives Dan Hebert and Dan Dagesse. The two formed Balsams View and solicited Otten to help them redevelop the property and ski area.

Three years ago, Dagesse, who owns several auto dealerships, sold his 50% share in Balsams View to Otten’s company. Since the sale, Otten has served as lead developer while Hebert retained partial ownership. Now, Hebert has sold his remaining share to Otten’s company.

Otten said he was able to purchase Hebert’s share of Balsams View because his company secured an additional investor in Annmarie Turcotte of New Hampshire, the Berlin Sun reported.

The Coos County Planning Board in December approved extending the Balsams planning permit for four years, until January 2025.

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