Oracle Dyn partners with LINBIT on DNS solution

Automated solution will aid Hewlett Packard, Sears, and other enterprises

Oracle Dyn in Manchester has partnered with Oregon-based software provider LINBIT to offer a DNS solution that automatically replicates and reroutes data across dispersed locations for enterprises. 

The new LINBIT and Oracle Dyn combination is a breakthrough in providing the ability to orchestrate failovers between data centers or over long distances to keep data always available, say the companies. Oracle Dyn’s managed DNS service with active failover can monitor an IP address and update the DNS destinations if the service fails. In a matter of seconds, applications are automatically started on the new site and require no manual intervention.

Existing solutions with Pacemaker with Booth — a machine capable of coordinating the startup and recovery of inter-related services across a set of machines — provided high availability software across the wide area network, but were challenged in redirecting client traffic to a new site without intervention. Data had to be routed manually, using a round robin DNS or utilizing a load balancer.

 “LINBIT and Oracle Dyn are a powerful combination of two leaders: LINBIT migrates the data and Oracle Dyn reroutes the DNS traffic. It’s that simple,” said Brian Hellman, COO of LINBIT. 

“LINBIT’s industry leading data replication technology paired with Oracle Dyn’s managed DNS active failover technology helps ensure the highest availability and ease of routing of data across one’s online infrastructure. These two technologies form a simple and elegant solution,” said Patrick Harvey, Technology Ecosystem at Oracle Dyn.

The collective product will benefit LINBITs global base of customers including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, ING Group, Vodaphone, Sears, Cisco, The Max Planck Institute,, Secure Payment Systems and the National Library of Medicine.

LINBIT banks it reputation on replicating data fast and reliably. Now, LINBIT and Oracle Dyn alleviate the burden of failover management to deliver service continuity and data integrity,” stated Philipp Reisner, CEO of LINBIT.

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