New BAE system ready for deployment

Testing of a conceptual deployment and retrieval mechanism created by BAE Systems and the U.S. Air Force for fighter aircraft has been completed according to a recent statement released by BAE Systems, a defense and aerospace company headquartered in Nashua.

Testing of the new technology was performed at the Naval Research Laboratory in Newport News, Vir., under an Air Force prototype risk reduction program. A variety of flight profiles were used in the decoy deployments and retrievals from a Lear Jet.

“The testing was fully successful,” said BAE program manager, Brandon Greene. “The decoy maintained both electrical and fiber-optic continuity throughout the flight test, demonstrating a capability far beyond that originally specified in the program.”

Use of a retrievable decoy is expected to reduce the life-cycle costs by making multiple uses possible.

The new technology, ALE-55 is manufactured at BAE Systems’ Nashua headquarters. It consists of a high-power decoy and deployment canister, and provides U.S. aircraft with effective electronic warfare defense against RF missile threats.

The ALE-55 will be deployed on U.S. Navy F/A-18E/F and U.S. Air Force f-15 and C-130 aircraft.

BAE systems designs and manufactures products and services for air, land and naval forces. The company employs more than 100,000 individuals worldwide. Last year’s sales exceeded $28 billion. — TRACIE STONE

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