Nasal insulin product progresses for Bentley

Bentley Pharmaceuticals’ testing of nasal delivery of insulin is going well, the company said Monday.

The Exeter-based provider of generic drugs, which hopes to capitalize on the demand from diabetics for alternatives to injections, is in the second phase of an FDA-approved study of its drug Nasulin.

Researchers working on the study found sniffing the insulin worked quicker than injecting it, and blood sugar levels were stable for the same amount of time.

Some volunteers experienced mild nasal irritation or watery eyes, but the side effects were resolved within 15 to 20 minutes, the company said. Stuffy noses interfered with the process a bit, but smoking did not, the study found.

“For more than two decades, the medical community has been searching for a less painful and easier method for treating diabetes than insulin injections,” said John Sedor, Bentley’s president. “Nasulin presents a significant opportunity of achieving this goal for many patients and has the potential for significantly better patient compliance than a routine of insulin injections.” – BOB SANDERS

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