N.H. hit hard by NAFTA job loss

New Hampshire has seen a net loss of 5,502 trade-related jobs since the North American Free Trade Agreement took effect 12 years ago.

According to a three-country study by the non partisan Economic Policy Institute, 10,778 trade-related New Hampshire jobs have been lot since NAFTA took effect, with 5,276 jobs created. The net result makes New Hampshire the 10th hardest-hit state when it comes to NAFTA-related job loss per capita.

The job displacement can be seen across the United States, according to the study, with the biggest losers in numeric terms: California (-123,995), Texas (-72,257), Michigan (-63,148), New York (-51,582), Ohio (-49,886), Illinois (-47,701), Pennsylvania (-44,173), Florida (-39,987), Indiana (-35,157), North Carolina (-34,150), and Georgia (-30,464).

All told, according to the study, growing trade deficits with Mexico and Canada have displaced production that supported 1,015,291 U.S. jobs since NAFTA took effect. The displacement of 1 million jobs from traded to non-traded goods industries reduced wage payments to U.S. workers by $7.6 billion in 2004 alone, the study found.

For more information, visit epinet.org. – JEFF FEINGOLD

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