N.H. gets share of tobacco settlement

New Hampshire will be getting approximately $205,000 as part of a $31 million, 45-state settlement with an Oregon tobacco company.

The settlement resolves a dispute over Portland, Ore.-based Carolina Tobacco Co.’s status as manufacturer of its Roger brand of cigarettes from 1999 to 2003. Carolina said during this period the cigarettes were produced , under its direction, by House of Prince Riga, a Latvian company.

The dispute over which company was making those cigarettes led 46 states and the District of Columbia to file lawsuits against Carolina Tobacco, seeking compensation for health care costs associated with treating tobacco-related diseases as required under the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.

New Hampshire will receive $200,000 from Carolina Tobacco, and in return the company will be recognized as Roger’s manufacturer. Carolina Tobacco, a privately held company, also sells its discounted cigarettes under the Kingsboro brand.

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