Milford lifts water boil precaution

MILFORD – As of 11:30 Saturday morning, residents were no longer asked to boil their tap water before using it, according to a news release issued by Town Administrator Katie Chambers.

The boil order was issued as a precaution Friday when a town water main broke. Town officials also recommended that drinking water be boiled to prevent any bacterial contamination that may have made its way into the system during the break. Repairs are now complete and test results indicated the absence of bacterial contamination.

“It is safe to drink the water and to use the water for all normal activities,” the release stated.

A water line broke overnight Friday and leaked roughly 1 million gallons, shutting down town schools out of concern that sprinkler systems wouldn’t work. The Milford water system serves 3,200 residential and business customers – about two-thirds of Milford, as well as a small number in southwest Amherst. The rest of Milford is served by private wells.