Londonderry firm to pay enviro fine

AlCuMet, a Londonderry-based maker of investment, permanent mold and rapid prototype castings, has agreed to pay $32,000 to the state of New Hampshire to settle charges that the firm violated the state’s Air Pollution Control Act, Air Toxic Control Act and federal Clean Air Act requirements.

The attorney general’s office said the firm agreed to pay a total civil penalty of $42,000, but, as part of the agreement, the state agreed to credit AlCuMet with $10,000 based on the construction and installation of air pollution control systems that will reduce toxic air emissions.

Department of Environmental Services inspectors discovered AlCuMet’s violations in September of 1999 — four years after the company began using the toxic pollutant beryllium without conducting the required stack emissions testing.

While tests indicated that AlCuMet did not exceed state or federal standards, the initial delay in testing made it impossible for proper monitoring, according to the attorney general’s office.

In addition to the beryllium, lead, nickel, manganese and chromium – all known pollutants — are used at the Londonderry facility, mandating compliance with ambient air standards. – TRACIE STONE

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