Letters to the Editor

BIA is wrong on school stance

To the editor:

As a business owner, I resent the Business and Industry Association for putting forth misinformation in the name of business owners.

First, they do not speak for me.

Second, I would like to know by what constitutional authority they claim “that education is a shared responsibility between federal, state and local municipalities, and that a thoughtful targeted education aid plan, which sends state money to cities and towns most in need, is the most effective way to distribute state education dollars.”

Third – their assertion that taxpayer funds should be distributed to those cities and towns most in need – smacks of Marxism – “to each according to his need, from each according to his ability.”

Fourth, it is unconscionable that an organization that supposedly represents the interests of business owners takes a position that is so anti-business. Where do they think this money in going to come from? We do not have a broad-based tax, and if we are to believe Governor Lynch, we won’t have one. So if that is true, the money will be coming from the business profits and business enterprise taxes. Who pays for those?

And if a tax above those we are shafted to pay now, becomes law, who will be exempted from it, as a condition of law?

Richard B. Kahn
Kahn Landscaping

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