Letters to the Editor

Too much ‘payday’ coverage

To the editor:

My company subscribes to your publication to keep informed as to what is going on in the State House. Bob Sanders has recycled the same story about “payday” lending over and over again. This past week, the State House was red hot with issues affecting the business community including: health insurance, mercury reduction, environmental laboratory fees and services and many more. I am not sure if this is lazy reporting, or some hidden agenda.

Please inform us of new developments and new stories, don’t retell the same events on March 20th and then again March 30th. Nothing has changed on this issue in the 10 days since your last story was written, yet this is the lead story today? Does that make sense? This was the biggest week of the legislative session thus far. What a missed opportunity!!!!

Eric A. Peterman

(Editor’s Note: New Hampshire Business Review provides regular, updated coverage of legislative action on our Web site, NHBR.com)

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