Letters to the Editor

Using the Common Man for common good

To the editor:

It is not hard to understand why Alex Ray, owner of the Common Man family of restaurants, is celebrating 35 years of success. If one defines success as I do – as something that benefits the larger community – then Alex Ray is the epitome of success.

In his latest charitable endeavor, Alex Ray is sponsoring a contest to mark his company’s 35th year of doing business in New Hampshire. People can cast ballots for the charity they would like to see win a grant. The charity with the most votes in each restaurant location wins a grant of $3,500, and the charity that receives the most votes statewide receives a grant of $5,000.

As the president and CEO of Moore Center Services, a non-profit organization providing support to nearly 1,700 Granite State families, I would be lying if I said I have not been encouraging people to vote for us. Truly, though, it does not matter who wins this contest.

What matters is that there are people like Alex Ray in the world, who as the Moore Center believes, “create opportunities for a good life.”

As Ben Sweetland once said, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” Thanks, Alex, for taking us on this journey.

Paul Boynton
President & CEO
Moore Center Services Inc.

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