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Good public servants are hard to find

To the editor:

Well, it looks like the smear guys are on the attack again, leaking information about someone that Ray Burton hired.

We are not the Gestapo and cannot always know the background of everyone that works for us. Even if he knew, it seems it is charitable that he would try to help the guy out. Ray Burton has been a fair, reasonable, hard-working elected official and does not deserve to be attacked by something like this.

If he has done his work for his constituents, then judge him on that. This smacks of the same kind of smear of our chairman of the Retirement System Board of Trustees, Ed Theobald. The guy that kept offering him stock sounds like a put-up job. There are people out there who will do anything to get what they want, and they want our pension funds for Wall Street. Think about the candidate and whether they work for you. Are they objective, fair or are they toadies for someone on the sidelines? Do not let the smear mongers short us of good public servants.

Mayme Trumble

Lawyers: an alternative energy source

To the editor:

In writing about Hurricane Katrina, Brad Cook (“The Supreme Court and the speech you’ll never hear,” Sept. 16-29 New Hampshire Business Review) tells us to mitigate such disasters we should: “not engage in unnecessary foreign adventures which tap our resources”; “impose efficiency requirements on automobiles”; and “work on alternate energy sources.”

He also tells us, “… perhaps the disaster which has befallen the Gulf Coast is a warning on … the ramifications of global warning.”

Greater efficiency in gas mileage would help, and so wouldn’t alternative energy, but on the same day as I received NHBR there was an article in the Concord Monitor about how there were going to be numerous lawsuits against the government and just about anybody else that had moneyed pockets. If Mr. Cook could get all those attorneys to take their one-third settlement plus expenses to be applied for conservation and alternative research efforts, it would be a tremendous boon to the country.

Robert W Wright Jr.

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