Letters to the Editor

Keeping track of bullying bosses

To the editor:

I wanted to compliment you on your recent workplace bullying article (“Dealing with workplace bullies,” June 8-21 New Hampshire Business Review.)

Following a painful personal experience, I have been intrigued by the problem of how to avoid working in a jerk-infested organization, and I think I’ve found an ingenious way for people to avoid this difficult and widespread situation.

I recently launched a Web site called eBossWatch (ebosswatch.com) that allows people to anonymously rate their current or former bosses (via a respectable and focused evaluation form) so job-seekers can search for bosses at potential workplaces and can receive reports detailing the ratings that each boss has received. The mission of eBossWatch is to improve the lives of people by helping them avoid hostile workplaces and abusive bosses.

eBossWatch has been generating a great deal of excitement and support since its launch a few weeks ago, and I think that this is something that your audience might be very interested to read about.

Asher Adelman

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