Lawmaker targets development ‘roadblocks’

A legislator and developer is planning to introduce a bill in the next session that he says will help eliminate what he calls “roadblocks” that some towns are putting in the way of development.

Rep. W. “Packy” Campbell, R-Strafford, says he’s targeting towns that require developers like himself to put up excessive bonds in order to build a road to a new development. Such bonds, he said, are currently needed before he can sell a lot.

“In essence, you have to pay for the road twice,” Campbell told NHBR Daily.

Campbell said he isn’t against putting up a bond, but the bond shouldn’t be required to cover the entire amount needed to build the road. Instead, it should just be enough to correct any erosion problems or environmental damage, he said, adding that such initial bonds would a tenth of the size currently required.

What if a developer sells the lots and never finishes the road?

“Then they could sue me,” Campbell said.

Anybody buying such a lot would be aware of the risk, he said. And taking risks, and avoiding excessive regulation, is what free enterprise is all about, he added.

Campbell, the owner of RSA Development LLC, said he saw no conflict in proposing a bill that could benefit his own company.

“That’s what we have a citizens’ legislature for,” Campbell said. “We know the problems and can do something about them.” — BOB SANDERS

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